Samsung NX1

It has been quite a while now since my last Post, which were always quite Samsung NX weighted. The System convinced me from the Start, but the latest changes like releases of NX1xxx, NX2xxxx, NX3xxx, NX2xx and NX3xx cameras in a perceived rhythm of 2 Month made it quite boring of comparing news and updates.

But finally, some time ago, Samsung released a new Big Player: The Samsung NX1. And since this time, photography blogs finally started recognizing Samsung as a cameras manufacturer.

On the paper, the facts seem stunning. The sensor shows up with the highest resolution among APC Sensors, video filming supports 4K and relies on the latest, highly efficient H.265 format – as the first camera. Shutterspeed is top of the league and high iso performance is improved…

As a nice first view on the new flagship, I would like you to check out this new video from TheCameraStoreTV

Got keen? Well, go ahead and check out these reviews and first impressions, perhaps I can find you as an NX user one day 😉

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